Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alaska Lee

"But she's not afraid to die
the people all call her Alaska
Between worlds so the people ask her
'Cause it's all in her mind
it's all in her mind"

Alaska Isobel Lee

the virgin suicides

a better son/daughter
my notebook

scrying crystals

Moon sisters, she and i, united by comic blood and love



Danielle Guellbart

silver tongues, soft whispers

I should be floating


Her art -

I am constantly astounded by her concepts and method of execution....so beautiful
and magical.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i ♥ Josie Maran

She inspires me to compost! i find it really fascinating
Plus she's beautiful and inspiring, its crazy
her blog: Josie Maran

Things that inspire me as of lately:

i recently did a painting based of of this:

Luna (check out her art, shes amazing)

Ovid's Metamorphoses
(because who doesn't love escape/salvation by turning into something fauna?)

Intricate hair pieces


"alchemy, altars, aphrodite, art, astral projections, baby cum angels, belly dancing, big trees, candlelight, caramel apples, cemeteries, coyotes, dream catchers, dream catchers, drugs, echo, exploding head syndrome, flowers, foxes, hymns, incense, indians, ink stained fingertips, jasmine, kisses, love, magick, mental disorders, mermaids, mother nature, mutilation, nymphs, oceans, overgrown meadows, poetry, psychedelia, rainstorms, red skies, reverie, roses, seashells, sex, shamans, shipwrecks, skulls, summertime, sunshine, tarot cards, teenage girls, the moon, the ocean, the third eye, time lapses, translucent skin, unconventional alien beauty, unicorn tribes, uniforms, veridical dream, wind chimes, witchcraft, wolves, wood flutes, woods." via nostalgicdreams

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Bit Vague/ short story


The Lad and I went to his friend's house one night. We had a really good time.
For the first half of the night we interacted like good friends, talking and mucking around with each other and the rest of the group. As the night wore on, we went inside. He'd had a little bit to drink. We canoodled on the couch. He told me again and again that I was beautiful, that I was perfect, that this was perfect and exactly what he wanted right now.

I wasn't quite ready for that. I couldn't say I loved him back, it was much too soon for that. But he was right, the "relationship" as a whole was a very good one.
My mum picked me up at one in the morning, not impressed as usual. The Lad kissed me before we opened the front door for me to meet my mum in the car. "No, forget what I said before... this is perfect," he said.

I hadn't been able to talk to him in person or on the phone for a few days. I might have asked him if he wanted to do something, but I hadn't done nearly enough homework. I went on MSN for about five minutes, trying to find out if anybody could help me with some homework I was having trouble with. The Lad was online, but I knew he didn't do History and I was in a hurry so I didn't initiate a conversation. After a couple of minutes, he did. We talked about nothing for a few minutes, then:

Lad: i'm sorry. but i need to be honest with you about somthing. last night i caught up with my ex and we got drunk and ended up kissing.
Girl: mneh.
Lad: mneh?
Lad: i feel awful...
Lad: what does mneh mean?
Girl: this is why i love msn.
Girl: it gives people like you an excuse to be completely gutless.
Lad: you cant make me feel more ashamed than i already am...
Lad: would you prefer me to call you?
Girl: hey, there's a bright idea!
Lad: you home?
Girl: that i am.
Girl has changed his/her status to Busy
Girl has changed his/her status to Online
Lad has been blocked

The phone call lasted all of two minutes. Long enough for me to ask that he tell me exactly what happened. He was drunk. He said that they kissed. I said that saying they 'kissed' was very vague. I waited while he made awkward sighing noises. Clearly he didn't like what he was going to have to say.
"It was more than kissing."
"How much more?"
Again he struggled to have the courage to tell me exactly what happened.
I could see what was coming. "Tell me," I said firmly.

"Rolling around naked."

"I don't really want to talk to you right now. In fact... I don't think I want to talk to you for some time."
"OK," he said quietly.

Luna is a really amazing Australian writer I like to draw/sketch her with flowers in her hair.