Sunday, June 20, 2010

summer inspirations

gypsy, summer heat, hazy days, bohemian wanderlust in the forest, the sea, and anywhere else

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

she probably thought she could fly

I want to feel all the things i'm not capable of feeling.

p. 55 “It seems there is a tiny door that I must walk through. It is called ‘normal.’ But I am not. As a result I cannot fit through this door. And yet they keep telling me I must go through it. They being my mom, the doctor, and the medical profession in general—at least according to the literature that Dr. Thornton gave me to read. Now at times some of this actually makes sense, and then at other times it all sounds absolutely ridiculous. I wonder where they get this stuff. I wonder who invented ‘normal’ in the first place. And I question whether or not it really exists. Or if it exists, perhaps it’s not for me. Because I am certain this is a door I will never be able to squeeze through.
Finding Alice, Melody Carlson