Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Papusza Couture

Photo by Bethany Antijankin.

"Kaytee believes in a world made out of poetry and color, a language formulated on our bodies by the clothes we wear, by a universe made up of dreams, where only the surreal is concrete."

When I think of Papusza Couture, I think of wardrobe that's stepped out of surreal dreams, evoke fairy-tales, ocean floors and rain forests. You know, clothes I wish were worn on a day to day basis, because I am that kind of girl.

Her collections truly are ahead of its time, - her being the creator Kaytee Papusza, who takes from nature using "shells, seagull wings, bird bones and feathers." and incorporates it onto her designs as well. Birds are an important and evident part to Papusza, for they are an intense inspiration to the young artist, I asked Kaytee a simple (though thought provoking question all the same) of what are her top 5 inspirations and she responded with this:

"1. birds, feathers, hollow bones, flight, the ethereal, sky

2. people who have chosen the path of honoring the earth and their tribes in their way of being/life; romani (gypsies), inuits, north american indians, aztecs, so many more, I cannot possibly name them all.

3. the sea, sand, shells, sun on water, sky in salt water hair, the pacific, the coast, coney island, carnival, beachy dream

4. arctic landscapes; glaciers, icebergs, the northern and southern poles, midnight sun, polar night, aurora borealis, greenland, iceland, antarctica

5. love, bliss, happiness, dreams, believing, cycles, life, death, morbidity and healing, life and the planet we live on being a better place.

And as much as she takes from nature and creates beautiful ethereal pieces, she also takes from what most would call unusual and unexpected (tarot, skeletons, blood, taxidermy, to name a few) While these themes are not common and usually avoided, Kaytee is on the opposite spectrum. Whereas a dress can be simply, just a "pretty dress", Kaytee is an artist and utilizes not just her dreams, but her emotions, her thoughts, secrets, and fears as well. That is why her pieces are not just "clothes" but works of art, symbolic and provoking.

Photo 1: Photo by Kat Bret.
Photo 2:Photo by Kat + Duck (www.katandduck.com)
Photo 3: Photo by Bogdan Tiflinsky

Photo 2: Photographer Mikey Pozarik
Photo 3:Photo by Kristin Ezell. See article athttp://theclothescoach.com/2009/02/18/williamsburg-fashion-week/.

photo 1: Photo by Bethany Antijankin

Along with fashion designer, inspiration, juggernaut, and artist, Kaytee is also a gypsy, born in the Northwest, flocking to the East and venturing to parts of Europe - she's never really sure of where she will be but knows no matter where she resides, creating is something she will always have at hand.

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