Thursday, August 26, 2010

Francesca Lia Block

Francesca Lia Block

Photograph by Andrea Marouk

If someone were to ask me, “Who was your first muse?, Who has left the most meaningful imprint in you life, mind, as an artist?”, the name Francesca Lia Block would roll off my tongue.

When I first read a book by Francesca Lia Block, it was as if, I discovered a secret language, my language. No one wrote like her, or captured that magical, lush, and raw essence. Wicked and lyrical celebration of the senses, myths, and dreams in prose. I learned how to see the world, how to love- not just the light, but embrace darkness as well. That witches and fairies live among us, dancing on pancakes, to explore the deepest parts of our hearts, and cities, to love everyone but firstly - yourself. That fairytale and paradise are not just limited to stories and lore, but can be brought into our own lives as long as we create it ourselves, from our roots and psyches.

Photograph by Nicholas Sage
The Frenzy coming out in September

excerpts from Weetzie Bat

Francesca’s first novel Weetzie Bat follows Weetzie into the magical LA world of genies, love, punk shows, surfer ducks and pink champagne; of a secret lovechild, lanka witches, sexual orientation, pain, and loss. It came out in 1989 and the novel evokes the time and mood of the 80’s. Weetzie Bat is one of Block’s most well-known, and beloved books and has recently been adapted into a screenplay, as well as a graphic novel in the works. This is awe-inspiring for me!, to have one of my favorite books finally see the light of a cinematic future!

Everyone should read a Francesca Lia Block book. While they all sparkle with beauty and myth, they also deal with conflicts and issues that everyone, any age, any gender can relate and identify with. They sometimes haunt you afterward in an inspiring way. In person, (I have had luck and fortune to have met the beautiful author) she is radiant and full of energy and light, because of Francesca’s books, I have come across and met like-minded, magical souls and creatures. It is like a tribe or kinship of beautiful beings come together where we all share the same love and devotion to her ethereal craft.

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  1. she's so inspiring ♥ also I love the way you write...

  2. Sounds lovely, I will def have to check one out.
    Love you darling.

  3. I love this <3
    and you
    and Francesca

  4. a wonderful tribute to an amazing author. <3