Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giving Back



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Get involved, Support a cause, Donate a dollar, Unplug your outlets, Go Vegan/Vegetarian for one day, Plant a garden - or just a pot, Ride your bike or take public transportation once or twice a week, Pick up litter, Recycle, Educate yourself, Educate someone else

The goal is to take care of nature, your environment. The world is more beautiful when you bless it and take care of it. Give back.


Ecorazzi - i love this site, its like a "gossip" site for green living. addicting

Care2 - Immense informative health/green lifestyle/news/everything else you can think of you can also find petitions here and be environmentally proactive

Green is Sexy - Rachel Addams and her two friends created this amazing website that is the equivalent of Elle magazine for living green.

The Kind Life - lovely Alicia Silverstone became a vegan a few years ago and it has literally changed her life, her blog is incredibly inspirational and perfect for vegetarian/vegan sources and animal lovers. She also has a book, The Kind Diet

Wilde Things - Activist/Actress/Vegan, Olivia Wilde also has a website for all things pro-active, her experiences in the humanitarian field, and of course veganism

shopOrganic - This is an amazing website for finding natural & organic food for all diets (gluten free, raw, etc) , products ranging from beauty, household, babies, pets, etc!

Humanitaire - Shop fair-trade and ethically

Josie Maran Cosmetics - The model/environmentalist's beauty line has been up and running since 2006, creating natural and earth-friendly products, some of which donate to a charity when bought.

Plant my Phone - If you have old phones lying around your house, donate them and get a tree planted! ! This organization will send you mailers, and you mail them back with your old phone.

Matter of Trust - "The mission of Matter of Trust is to Link ideas, spark action and materialize flourishing systems. We like to mimick how Mother Nature integrates enduring cycles and provides access to necessities in abundance. We concentrate on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-educational programs. The results are worthwhile, common sensical and often enchanting."

Environmental Defense Fund - Reduce your carbon footprints

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